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Terms Of Service

General provisions

1) These Terms of Service apply to all holders of a Kingdom Realms Account ("player"). By signing up, or continued use of the website, you agree to these Terms of Service. Therefore, no player can claim not to know of these Terms of Service at any time. Your continued use of this website constitutes your agreements to all the terms in these Terms of Service and Kingdom Realms rules an policies.

2) Changes in the Terms of Service will be announced at the soonest possible time. Players are expected to read the new Terms of Service. Continued use of the account means you agree to the changes. The player is recommended to continuously keep up to date with the applicable version of the Terms and the rules of the game.

3) In addition to these Terms, the rules of the game applicable in the individual case as well as the game instructions for Kingdom Realms listed on the website, shall apply. Such rules include, but may not be limited to: the Kingdom Realms rules.

4) Other sections of the game may have it's own rules. These rules are an addition to the Terms of Service and not a replacement. Violation of these rules is considered to be a violation of the Terms of Service and will be dealt with accordingly. Failure to be familiar with the game rules is not an excuse for breaking them and will not be accepted as a defense.


5) Kingdom Realms does not accept any liability for down-time, server problems, faulty programming et cetera. The occurance of any downtime, server problems, faulty programming et cetera does not entitle the player to any form of compensation, nor does it entitle the user to claim the recovery of his account to the status it was before the occurence.

A. Kingdom Realms offers players a game community, which includes various ways of communications, including -but not limited to- a player profile, in-game messaging, forums et cetera. These areas of the site contain player generated content. Under no circumstance is Kingdom Realms responsible for the content of any form of communication between its players. Furthermore, Kingdom Realms is not responsible for any action, opinion or content a player of Kingdom Realms performs in the game, or outside the game. Players are responsible for the actions, messages and/or ideas coming from their account at all times. However, Kingdom Realms reserves the right to modify or delete, or refuse to publish, any content that violates the Terms of Service or other gamerules.
B. Some parts of the site are accessible only to a small group (such as the Realms). The contents of these areas are the sole responsibility for those managing these sections.
C. The player (accountholder) is responsible for all actions done with their account. This includes posting an illegal/offensive picture(s) within your account and all message board postings and information exchanged in chat. It is therefore strongly recommended to keep your username and password secret at all times.

7) This site and all the materials contained on it are distributed and transferred on an "AS AVAILABLE" and "AS IS" basis. Kingdom Realms does not supply any warranties of any kind, either implied or express. To the fullest extent permissible under the applicable law, Kingdom Realms disclaims all warranties, implied or express, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Kingdom Realms does not guarantee that the functions or materials on this site will be uninterrupted and error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that this site and the servers that make it available are free of viruses and other harmful components. Not withstanding the foregoing, in no event shall Kingdom Realms have any liability to you for any claims, damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract, tort or otherwise).

Single account

A. Players are allowed to hold ONE account per individual. If a player is found to use more than one account (multi), the main account (to be decided by Kingdom Realms Staff) will be banned for a certain period of time. During this time, the player has no access to the games facilities. Repeated offenses will be punished more severely, including full deletion and/or IP-ban.
B. Each account has one player. It is not allowed to share accounts with someone else. It is also not allowed to have someone else use your account in your absence.

A. Same IP-transfers are forbidden. Even though it is very well possible that more than one account is operated from a single IP (such as from schools, or internetcafe's), accounts on the same IP which make a transfers of any in-game money or items will be considered as multi's (see under 8)
B. Middleman transfers are equally prohibited. If a transfer is made from player A to B, and then from B to C, where A and C have the same IP, this will be treated as a Middleman transfer, aiming to avoid the rule stated in 9A. All parties involved will be punished.


10) Kingdom Realms is an online game which is intended to be a fun place for everybody involved. The accounts are not real, nor is the in-game money or the items. The only thing real in Kingdom Realms are the people playing it. Remember that! By using this website, you agree not to insult, bully or personal attack anybody.

11) Every player must respect every other player and individual. Discrimination against people based on gender, skin color, sexual preference, religion or personal beliefs is strictly prohibited. Anyone breaking this rule will be punished. Any player found to be actively discriminating against another player or member of society in any way, will have their accounts terminated and further action may be taken. This includes, without limitation, character name, message board posts and chat rooms.

12) Players agree not to use any bugs that they may find to improve their account. All bugs are to be reported to the game admins directly. A bug report option is provided in game for non-abusable bugs. Abusable bugs must be reported by a private message to one of the admins.

13) No player shall use any form of software or other method to further themselves in game. This includes the use of refresher software. By using this website, you also agree not to cheat in any way.

14) Any individual who attempts to hack, gain unauthorized entry, reverse engineer or affect the system integrity of Kingdom Realms (including attempting to access any internal part of the game from an offsite location) will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

15) Selling accounts and/or game items or money for real currency is strictly prohibited. Any account that is found to have been sold/bought will be deleted. Any account sold to be actively trading items for real currency will be punished.

16) Kingdom Realms maintains the right, without obligation, to monitor any activity and content associated with the website. We may investigate any reported violation of the Terms Of Service or game rules, and take any action we feel appropriate (which may include, but is not limited to: the issuing of warnings, suspension of accounts, termination of accounts, or specifying extra conditions to your access to this site (probation).

17) Under no circumstance is Kingdom Realms obliged to become involved in any dispute between players.


A. Donations to Kingdom Realms are very much appreciated, but not required to be able to play Kingdom Realms. Donations are non-refundable. Kingdom Realms is privately owned and not a charity or non-profit organization. You are not entitled to a record of how your donation is spent. This policy also applies if at any time the game is terminated.
B. Kingdom Realms offers its donators certain bonuses which are described in the donation offer. Donators are not entitled to anything beyond this description.

19) Kingdom Realms is not responsible for the operations of financial service providers which facilitate payments (such as paypal). Any problems with payments not being processed correctly are the sole risk of the player.


20) Players agree to follow directions and request made to them by staff members. However, staff members also play the game, which may lead to people thinking the staff member is abusing his/her powers. If a player feels that a member of staff is abusing his authority, the player can file a report about this. All player reports concerning staff will be dealt with by admins. The filing of a player report about a member of staff does not mean the player does not have to follow the directions given by the member of staff.

Ownership and rights

21) Kingdom Realms owns all intellectual property in the game All rights and title in and to this website and the Service (including without limitation any user account, realms, in-game purchases, computer code, themes, stories, dialogue, catch phrases, logos, methods of operation, moral rights, related documentation and user information) are owned by Kingdom Realms or its licensors. Donating towards the game does not create an ownership interest in the game or contents. Kingdom Realms' idea of a medieval game came from the owner's own thoughts and ideas and from the knowledge and original thoughts he experienced from his own life and/or imagination he has thought about since his childhood. Any similarity to any others ideas is strictly coincidental, Upon Joinning Kingdom Realms you must read the rules located in game, If you cannot find them please ask a staff member.

22) When you submit information to Kingdom Realms, you grant the site and its administrator(s) a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license to reproduce, distribute, transmit and publicly display such content. You agree not to sell or profit from any such content or information via private exchanges without administrative consent (also, see 15).

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